Kold Plate™ Technology

The high tech and sleek looking SoloKool Model V is an innovative state of the art personal A/C device that also doubles as a portable cooler to keep your beverages cold. The SoloKool Model V is NOT a swamp cooler. Our innovative & efficient proprietary Kold Plate™ technology utilizes ice to passively chill an aluminum Kold Plate™ with a series of heat exchanging aluminum fins beneath. The incoming hot air is then exchanged to cold air when passing through the chilled aluminum fins.

Not Your Ordinary Cooler

  • Outdoors

    Store your ice, beverages and snacks; and be prepared to stay cool for any outdoor adventure.

  • Sports Events

    Whether you are making plays on the field or spectating from the bleachers, stay cool and refreshed during the hottest of sporting events.

  • Pool

    Keep your refreshments near and stay cool while you are poolside.

  • Golf

    Don't let the summer heat ruin your golf round. Beat the heat with dry cold air and a refreshing drink.

  • Pets

    Traveling with your favorite furry companion makes everything better. Staying cool on the go is just as important for your pet as it is for you.

  • Fishing

    Don't let the heat prevent you from getting your next catch.

Kooling Down The 2024 Outdoor Retailer Summer Show!

We are excited to be exhibiting our products at the 2024 Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check out the latest in Portable A/C at booth #14003!


SoloKool: Setting the Standard

Our team at SoloKool pride ourselves on providing you the highest standards in Portable A/C