SoloKool Model V Launching at The 2024 PGA Show

We are excited to be exhibiting our products at the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. Check us out in the Inventors Section booth #3800 and the New Product Zone.

Kold Plate™ Technology

The high tech and sleek looking SoloKool Model V is an innovative state of the art personal A/C device that also doubles as a portable cooler to keep your beverages cold. The SoloKool Model V is NOT a swamp cooler. Our innovative & efficient proprietary Kold Plate™ technology utilizes ice to passively chill an aluminum Kold Plate™ with a series of heat exchanging aluminum fins beneath. The incoming hot air is then exchanged to cold air when passing through the chilled aluminum fins.

  • Sports Events

    Whether you are making plays on the field or spectating your kids from the bleachers, stay cool and refreshed during the hottest of sporting events.

  • Outdoors

    Store your ice, beverages and snacks; and be prepared to stay cool for any outdoor adventure.

  • Pets

    Traveling with your favorite furry companion makes everything better. Staying cool on the go is just as important for your pet as it is for you.

  • Golf

    Don't let the summer heat ruin your golf round. Beat the heat with dry cold air and a refreshing drink.